Hey you!

The Girl with those beautiful eyes.

Yeah, you!

I lost my heart.

And I blame it all on you.

Can’t you be little less pretty?

Cause you caused my heart to lose its heart too.

I thought that I’ll never fall in love again

But after seeing you, that thought still remains same.

I will never fall in love again

Cause you will be my love till the end

I know there will be millions to die for you

But I want to become the one, who’ll live for you

Can you feel what I’m trying to say?

Cause I want you to know what I’m going to say.

Is that, you have become my life

And I want you to become my wife

I know I haven’t lost my heart

I know you are the one who has stolen my heart

But I don’t care whether you return it or not.

Because my heart also loves to just be your part.

Okay? I’m ready to live without a heart

Okay! I’m gonna live just for your heart

Cause, I know may be only deep down but you also love me

And I know one day you’ll feel That and come for me.

Then you’ll find me waiting at your doorstep

With a diamond ring for your finger

And I’ll be there as same as I’m now for you

For only you

Cause it’s you

And it’s always been you

Only you

~Abhi Severus Jackson